Bandito Post time 2013-7-26 00:47:47

messi30 Post time: 2013-7-25 11:44 static/image/common/back.gif
Definitely its about you.

I think you are creating a new false stereotype in Chinese women from  ...

copa del rey para Messi! Fetishists are known to make sweeping statements based solely on fetish. There is a German chap I know that complains about Chinese girls but will have a heart attack just watching Japanese girls. Everyone that knows him is aware that he has a serious fetish issue.......

Bandito Post time 2013-7-26 00:52:23

youknowhat Post time: 2013-7-25 16:22 static/image/common/back.gif
not for me...i want to last much longer instead of wham bam thank you mam (not ma'am) just taste a ...

that sort of attitude will ensure you never have seconds

Bandito Post time 2013-7-26 00:58:06

slimpanda Post time: 2013-7-25 19:53 static/image/common/back.gif
Chinese girls passionate about ur money...if u no money = no honey...

who said that;P

youknowhat Post time 2013-7-26 01:05:22

Bandito Post time: 2013-7-25 08:52 static/image/common/back.gif
that sort of attitude will ensure you never have seconds

what did i say...i mean what did i do  :o:Q:lol

slimpanda Post time 2013-7-26 02:01:54

Bandito Post time: 2013-7-26 00:58 static/image/common/back.gif
who said that


snappysammy Post time 2013-7-26 02:27:45

robert237 Post time: 2013-7-25 11:52 static/image/common/back.gif
It's one of the best reasons I can think of.

wrong....they men are Quick....that's why they have so many babies...

snappysammy Post time 2013-7-26 02:30:17

Bandito Post time: 2013-7-25 12:01 static/image/common/back.gif
Honeypot Robbo! I must say you are right that your dear US is decrepit! Times Square is an eyesore. ...

NOW...Times like Disney World.... I really do love running wild in China
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