PPsally Post time 2013-6-30 17:16:13

[Original]Are foreign guys very eager to have sex?

I am not trying to humiliate anyone, just don't understand.

When I date with Chinese guys, first time we just talk to know eachother. But with foreign guys, first time they try to touch you or kiss you, even want you to go their apartment.

I understand that if you like someone you will have the desire to get close to her, but if for the fist time you meet then you want to have sex with her, this makes me confused.

Are foreign guys very eager to have sex?

Is it not polite to invite a women to your apartment the first time you meet?

messi30 Post time 2013-6-30 18:38:43

I don´t know what kind of men you have met or how bad was your luck to meet such kind of guys but talking abut myself, my male friends, we don´t have that kind of behaviors.

To clarify, men and women are eager to make sex in different scales depending their chances, opportunities and their uninhibited senses.

Btw, Chinese males when they go abroad are foreigners too.

KnowledgeWisdom Post time 2013-6-30 18:42:30

It is unfortunate that all people usually generalize when asking questions like this. I could ask the same of Chinese woman as I had a first conversation today with someone who just ask me yesterday to become their friend on QQ and in her first message she is already asking me to come to her town to play?

Does that make all Chinese woman easy?

Not all people are the same. I think not a few post Back Dara asked the same type of question about a date that was organized for her by her parents with a Chinese guy and he also wanted to hanky panky after the first meeting?

Peoples value systems differ. Learn to negotiate all the pitfalls in life. You know what you want in life and what you are looking for, then don`t compromise on what you believe. If someone can`t accept you for who you are, do they really deserve your respect?

KnowledgeWisdom Post time 2013-6-30 18:46:55

Also on the question does all foreign guys want sex, I can`t talk for others, but for me. Yea, I like sex. :DThere is nothing wrong with sex. I just choose to have sex with the person I love and are not ready to pull down all the skirts that walks past me.;P

Fookchew Post time 2013-6-30 18:57:39

I have an idea. Can you pose the photos of those white guys you went out with and want to have sex with you on the first date. Ask your other girl friends to do the same so that we can compile an album. This will warn other decent Chinese girls to be aware. There will be some who will eagerly sleep with them for $$$.

PPsally Post time 2013-6-30 21:04:59

Foreign men refer to those who are not Chinese

Smaug Post time 2013-7-2 06:04:38

PPsally - It depends on the man, and also the woman.

In the city nightlife here in Chicago, it is not uncommon for a man and a woman to meet in a bar, have a few drinks together, then go back to one of their places and have sex. They didn't even have a "first date!"  But they had the same expectation, so no problem.

Afterwards, they might decide whether they want to escalate to a proper relationship. If not, then they decide whether to keep having sex and be free, or go to the next level and maybe settle down.

If you find a guy who is used to this kind of lifestyle, he will shock you with his expectations.

When dating, you should set the expectations, whether you are looking for a domestic or foreign partner. If you say you want to take a while to get to know each other prior to having sex, then "those types of guys" will not even reply to you, and will save you all kinds of time and trouble, right?

I agree, you shouldn't have to say that. But that is just your background. Not everyone is like that. It doesn't make those people bad, just different.

Some people also feel like: "If the sex isn't good, then why would I continue with the relationship?" (ignoring the fact that it can be improved with good communication)
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