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If you decide to post in support of the NK government......

Then you should first explain your in ...
To list my experiences on this blog would be to voluminous to post. However, I have had the distinct pleasure to experience the riches of North Korea while on a mission of education some time ago. The order of the people and the love they share for Kim and the country is fantastic. To see and taste the food is also quite enlightening. Its unfortunate that most people have such a dim view of this wonderful country. The country is not KIM, but the people who make it. The discipline and respect that the military has is only a wish for most armies worldwide. The power and majesty of its forces are wonderful to witness. I have nothing negative to say about North Korea because I have experienced it to its fullest. If any of you were serious about understanding the core of this great land, you to could be invited to witness a great and wonderful world of people and land.

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So you were able to go anywhere and talk to anyone with no escorts, I call BS.
Kimmy is still Gay

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Total nonsense.

The difference between us is that you just talk and I do.

Total nonsense is how you react to the truth?
Do you actually think anyone other than your western propagandist buddies take you seriously?
Now go lick some capitalists boots for your dinner.
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