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Who can be informed without ever getting news from the WESTERN press???
I'm not surprised that's your position concerning North Korea.

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Generalizing is an overstatement...It is good to see there  humour and science fiction together. Long live fiction..and humour for that matter,

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Of course, some of what I write is true. Why can't you make more of what you wrote true?

Check the facts...

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Well, do you???? Just because you took part in a guided tour ... ?

My so-called tour was not guided as you think. I was escorted to various locations for learning and understanding their side of their respective stories. You have not witnessed what sanctions can do to your country. Thank goodness they have help from others. You most likely have a peachy life. You are fortunate to have what you have for now.

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Well, sarcasm becomes you ill in a thread in which you have lost the audience from the start throu ...

ok..and your point is?
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