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I think we just agree that in yur current frame of mind, discussion is useless.

One thing is for  ...

As I have stated before zglobal, you have your opinion, and that is all you have. And that is fine.

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-29 22:32:57

The official story is that the Korean War began when the Soviet-backed North invaded the South on June 25, 1950. The US then came to the South’s aid. As is the case with most official US history the story is incomplete, if not downright false. Korea: Division, Reunification, and US foreign Policy notes: “The best explanation of what happened on June 25 is that Syngman Rhee deliberately initiated the fighting and then successfully blamed the North. The North, eagerly waiting for provocation, took advantage of the southern attack and, without incitement by the Soviet Union, launched its own strike with the objective of capturing Seoul. Then a massive U.S. intervention followed.”

zglobal Post time 2013-6-29 22:34:08

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-29 22:41:57

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That is true and I also appreciate you are quite polite rather than what we usualy see here.

My o ...

Thank you zglobal, I have achieved my objective on this thread. And I wish you the best in yours.

leboucher Post time 2013-6-30 00:00:23

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-30 00:23:58

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You are too kind to those paid shameless forum hacks, dude. I'd just tell the stupid duck to go fo ...

Thanks leboucher...much appreciated.

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-30 00:41:32

Business in DPR Korea:

Business delegation to The DPR Korea:

The International Korean Business Centre, with headquarters in Pyongyang and overseas offices, organizes an exclusive BUSINESS TRIP to the DPR of Korea (North Korea) Every year.

The Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries, high ministry of the Republic in charge of international exchange including business, will host and facilitate visit to factories and meetings with commerce officials in charge of your professional area.

Participants will be accompanied during the entire visit by Special Delegate of the DPRK Government Mr. Alejandro Cao de Benos, who is also President of the IKBC. A welcome dinner will be hosted by the Ministry with the participation of its Director.
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