zglobal Post time 2013-6-27 22:22:29

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-27 22:23:42

zglobal Post time: 2013-6-27 22:11 static/image/common/back.gif
As I said , what the Americans did was quite disgusting.

Now let's get on to the Kim's in platform ...

The people will not rise up against their leader KIM. They are happy with their lives. These people are born into this culture of rule and know of nothing else but to serve their leader. It would be nice if Kim could live 10,000 years, but not so. They can only hope...

zglobal Post time 2013-6-27 22:25:46

techboy1 Post time 2013-6-28 04:53:09

You folks need to get off your America bashing highhorse, no country is perfect and i challenge you to show me one. Ill defend her to the last man

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-28 07:50:31

zglobal Post time: 2013-6-27 22:25 static/image/common/back.gif
CRAP !!!!

You are a LIAR

You do have your opinion...

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-28 07:52:01

seneca Post time: 2013-6-28 04:00 static/image/common/back.gif
Precxisely in this post you are becoming lunatic and delusional.

You seem to take historic proce ...

I was posting some historical data. I fully support the North Korean Government.

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-28 07:53:46

seneca Post time: 2013-6-28 04:01 static/image/common/back.gif
Who succeeded in stuffing you with this type of crooked drugs??? They should be illegal, you know! ...

Check the data yourself...just do a google search and glean the data. America system of government and its insiders are greedy selfish people who murder for profit...
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