querist Post time 2013-6-29 03:39:41

gaiacomm Post time: 2013-6-28 14:34 static/image/common/back.gif
Hold that good thought and in time you may just get that chance to experience what others have in  ...

I hope you are right. I firmly believe that "seeing is believing" and that experience is the best teacher. If more people from both countries could visit the other country, we could go a long way toward reducing misunderstandings.

I can learn Korean. :-)

querist Post time 2013-6-29 03:42:33

gaiacomm Post time: 2013-6-28 14:35 static/image/common/back.gif
querist, its people that have no true understanding of humans, is the first and foremost problem w ...


Exactly! It's all a misunderstanding! We need ordinary people to meet ordinary people. College professors talk to college professors. Doctors talk to doctors. Nurses talk to nurses. Chefs talk to chefs. What we need is a genuine intellectual and cultural exchange between the two countries. I'm sure if we let that happen, we'd both benefit in many ways.

querist Post time 2013-6-29 03:43:26

gaiacomm Post time: 2013-6-28 14:37 static/image/common/back.gif
Every citizen in the DPRK enjoys full freedom of and right to religion. The Korean Federation of Bud ...

This directly contradicts what we are taught about the DPRK here in the USA. I wonder what the people of the DPRK are taught about life in the USA?

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-29 03:46:33

querist Post time: 2013-6-29 03:43 static/image/common/back.gif
This directly contradicts what we are taught about the DPRK here in the USA. I wonder what the peo ...

Ask them when you can...

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-29 03:54:02

seneca Post time: 2013-6-29 03:48 static/image/common/back.gif
Obfuscating, avoiding to address the question, kicking up dust - you despicable communist liars ne ...

Seneca, you obviously have lost what's left of your mind. It is these types of rants that separate you from those with reason. Chill out and have some fun, you just may learn something of yourself and others...

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-29 03:55:13

seneca Post time: 2013-6-29 03:52 static/image/common/back.gif
That is ridiculous. I have been to  official N Korean news websites and was very disappointed by t ...

Ok..what else do you have to write about the little you know of North Korea?

gaiacomm Post time 2013-6-29 03:57:55

seneca Post time: 2013-6-29 03:50 static/image/common/back.gif
You know absolutely nothing, you conceited busybody. You have no more knowledge about N Korea than ...

Ok..now what? You seem to be more upset about nothing that matters, but only to yourself. Do you have any creditable thoughts that make sense and not abusive? You are a VIP member, most likely from numerous posts of babble to earn internet credit for fun.
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