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Here you admit the truth as much as you can.

I am in Communist Vietnam now and I can travel in to ...

Its for the very reasons your posts would keep you from ever visiting North Korea. If faced with something fearful, you know in your heart you would run from it. The internet is your safe space for now, I don't wish to challenge you in your world, I only wish to write to you as a person who wishes to share something with you. If you hate  them so much, pick up sticks and stones and go over there and do something, if not enjoy your internet fantasy with us all.

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South Koreans sing the praises of Chairman Kim Jong Il who had turned the DPRK into a military power and established a solid foundations for sovereignty and prosperity of the nation with his unique Songun politics.   

  “Thanks to the Songun politics of north Korea, the Korean nation is highlighted as a dignified one under knotty political situation of the world. It is entirely ascribable to the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il that the Korean nation’s security and destiny are secured. Kim Jong Il, who decorated contemporary history of the Korean nation with victories and glory, is the savior of the nation.”

  “With the Songun politics, Uncle Sam, which has made a dummy of the weak nations, does not dare to provoke north Korea. North Korea is in the limelight as a powerful nation thanks to the Songun politics of Chairman Kim Jong Il.”

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...and NK will not let ANYONE see what NK is really like.

..because they do not like the TRUTH in ...

September 2013

65th Anniversary of DPRK foundation +
ARIRANG Mass Games

Regular trip September 2013
(All Passports except USA)

(From 5th to 12th September 2013)

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I do not hate the NK people at all.

Absolutely not true.

I would not be too sure about the American secret depends on who you are and what you do. As for defending North Korea, what do you want me to write? I love North Korea, its people and what it stands for, nothing more. My pictures in my mind, I can share, the others are private experiences. PM is fine, but I like others to know of what I think, as do you dear...

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