caringhk Post time 2016-2-25 17:59:26

lyeen Post time: 2013-6-19 17:27 static/image/common/back.gif
In my opinion, in China,the gap of 20years is really unacceptable,if they go to together ,the only r ...

Fully agree!!!{:1_1:}

My sweeties just w:lolent away

parcher Post time 2016-2-25 18:21:53

it can work. lets say 30 yr old with a 50 yr old....
can work no problem

SEARU Post time 2016-2-27 10:07:17

The age gap is only outside appearance but whether there is true love is more important for the couple!

dusty1 Post time 2016-3-16 03:38:56


Crystal221 Post time 2016-3-21 14:15:24

OH,I think age souldn't be something that comes in the way of a person's marriage.As long as they love each other,age is not a problem.

messi30 Post time 2016-3-22 13:21:20

bolooloo Post time: 2013-6-19 11:45 static/image/common/back.gif
well,hard to depends on how rich that man and what the girl's parents want in is des ...

True hurts but that's the true and only the true.

messi30 Post time 2016-3-22 13:21:58

pipscase Post time: 2013-6-19 12:32 static/image/common/back.gif
Money again, can we not discuss about the money.  Money can't buy happiness, a good example is the R ...

Isolate example is nothing in front of the true.
Money buys all
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