bolooloo Post time 2013-6-20 11:03:43

Fookchew Post time: 2013-6-19 12:51 static/image/common/back.gif
Traditionally Chinese women marry men who are older and this can range from five to 10, even more. T ...

totally agree.:handshake

bolooloo Post time 2013-6-20 11:07:19

pipscase Post time: 2013-6-20 08:35 static/image/common/back.gif
It' s acceptable by many if a man of 65 years old marry a woman of 43 years old. So if a man of 45 y ...

i think is acceptable for a man 45 to marry a girl 23years old.i dont mind.hahahha but he shouldnt be poor guy.

roninxian Post time 2013-6-20 13:09:44

pipscase Post time: 2013-6-19 12:32 static/image/common/back.gif
Money again, can we not discuss about the money.  Money can't buy happiness, a good example is the R ...

Murdoch's money is going to make his soon to be ex-wife VERY happy, what do you mean?

roninxian Post time 2013-6-20 13:12:33

foreignchinese Post time: 2013-6-20 07:53 static/image/common/back.gif
I couldn't get myself entangle with a woman 20 years my junior. How can you be at same wave length w ...

Wow, you are REALLY old ;P.  Aren't all those people dead now?

roninxian Post time 2013-6-20 13:16:44

First, I would NOT marry an older man. I would not marry a younger man.  I would not marry a man the same age as me.  Oh but then I AM a man, a STRAIGT man, so that doesn't interest me.

Second, you asked a question but for each reply you argue that it is ok, so why did you ask this question to begin with if you already have your answer in your mind, that it is ok?  I think this is one of those situations that start off with "a friend of mine . . . . ." when it's actually the person speaking.  I think you have a 'little honey' 20 years younger than you and your looking for it to be right.  It's only up to you if it's right or wrong.  Do what you think is best.  Just make sure that 20 year age difference doesn't make her some sort of 'jail bait'. ;P

foreignchinese Post time 2013-6-20 14:06:48

roninxian Post time: 2013-6-20 13:16 static/image/common/back.gif
First, I would NOT marry an older man. I would not marry a younger man.  I would not marry a man the ...

Wisdom, wisdom & more wisdom

pipscase Post time 2013-6-20 18:40:14

This morning I did some research in the net about this young woman married an older man and my conclusion is it's acceptable in this moden world if the gap is not too big.
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