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[Original]Will You Marry A Man More Than 20 Years Older Than You

Two days ago I asked this question to a lady (24yrs old professional) :-

Will You Marry A Man More Than 20 Years Older Than You? Think of it he can be your Father!

At first she said that might be a problem and when we discussed further, she said if he love him she can accept it because LOVE Is BLIND!  She said this kind of love need courage and brave. She must has the courage to face all her friends, relatives and the most important is her parents objection.

They are many couples out there with age gap of more than 20 years, lets hear from them.


bolooloo Post time 2013-6-19 11:45:22

well,hard to say.it depends on how rich that man and what the girl's parents want in china.it is destiny.:loveliness:

pipscase Post time 2013-6-19 12:32:57

Money again, can we not discuss about the money.  Money can't buy happiness, a good example is the Rupert Murdoch' s divorce.

Fookchew Post time 2013-6-19 12:51:42

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Traditionally Chinese women marry men who are older and this can range from five to 10, even more. The general perception is that marrying an older man means more financial security as Chinese women are practical people. The younger generation may move away from this trend but an older man is more acceptable.
If you are a superstar of some sort, then it matters even less. But these are exceptional cases that do not happen in daily life.

In any case, as you may already be aware, men marrying a few young wives were fairly common in old China (b4 1949) and that psyche has lived on. Nowadays, this is not legal but still practiced in another form - men may have many young lovers (请人)besides his legally wedded wife (大老婆).

lyeen Post time 2013-6-19 17:27:06

In my opinion, in China,the gap of 20years is really unacceptable,if they go to together ,the only reason is the man is very rich and the girl love money,another word is she is a gold-digger girl. The reallity is the rich men want beauties and some pretty gilrs like to sell her appearence for the huge wealth.

jay_dee Post time 2013-6-19 19:10:12

Only gay men would marry another man, age makes no difference.
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Carry on

Motika Post time 2013-6-19 20:27:46

Depend if you ask me, with or with out lights on in the bed room ?
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