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HSK Preparation Books with ANSWERS

Hi everyone!

I'm planning to take the HSK by the end of 2015 (before I turn 50) and I am looking for textbooks geared toward the HSK requirements that include the answers for the exercises. I have two nice sets of books that were given to me by my Chinese colleagues (in China) that are great except there are no answer keys, so I have no way to check if my responses are correct.

Can anyone recommend a book or series of books that are NOT sample tests (I have plenty of those) so I can be sure that I'm learning material that will help me pass the HSK?

Just so you know, I know that passing the HSK in and of itself does not mean I can really use the langauge, but I needed an objective and impartial metric so I could set an achievable and measurable goal, so I selected the HSK as that objective standard. I have opportunities to speak and use the langauge when I travel to China, so I can check my conversational abilities when I am there.

Thank you!

querist Post time 2013-5-30 03:51:30

There are plenty of people here who claim to be Chinese language teachers. Surely some of you can recommend a textbook that has an answer key available to the general public for use in studying for the HSK.

Daveofse3 Post time 2015-1-7 07:11:13

I am also thinking of doing HSK, before age 70 in my case. Foyles in London has HSK books but their web site does not give details. I am going there later in the week to look. What level do you want? Dave

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I am also thinking of doing HSK, before age 70 in my case. Foyles in London has HSK books but their  ...

Thanks, mate, but I found some in China. :-) My request was from 2013.

Daveofse3 Post time 2015-1-10 05:09:50

OK, anyone else looking, I just bought one of the "Simulated Tests of the New HSK" books. This is a series of 6 books, one for each level. book 1 is ISBN 978 756 192 8141. It describes the structure of the test in English and Chinese. It has 10 tests, with answers and a CD. I have not started using it yet but it looks really good.

Daveofse3 Post time 2015-1-23 07:26:44

I have done the first couple of tests from Simulated Tests of the New HSK"  and I am really glad I did rather than walking into the test blind. I should say, last time I took a language exam Chairman Mao was running China! The test papers include 'banana skins' that I was not expecting. For example, they use words in the questions that are NOT in the vocabulary list. The first time this happened I panicked but actually the clue to the answer lay elsewhere in the question. Practice, from the book, enabled me to overcome difficulties like this.

Daveofse3 Post time 2015-1-23 07:29:01

The Simulated Tests of the New HSK" book also contains a very good description of the exam structure, timing etc. which is very useful when preparing for the real exam. Dave
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