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Do age gaps really matter in a relation?

We thought 10 years was already a huge age gap between older husband and young wife. But you’ll be surprised to see some famous Chinese couples who do not mind even over- 50-year difference in their May-December romance. I believe age difference shouldn't matter as long as they love each other. What do you think about such big age differences in relationships?
1. Sun Yat-sen & Soong Ching Ling  孙中山与宋庆龄

Age Gap: 27 years
Sun Yat-sen was a Chinese revolutionary, first president and founding father of the Republic of China. He was an old friend of Song ‘s father. Song and Sun were married in Japan on October 25, 1915. That year Sun was 49 years of age, and Song Ching Ling was 22. But Sun did not divorce his first wife Lu Muzhen due to opposition from the Chinese community.

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2. Chen Ning Yang & Weng Fan 杨振宁与翁帆

Age Gap: 54 years
Chen Ning Yang is a Chinese-born American physicist who received the 1957 Nobel prize in physics. Yang at the age of 82 married his 28-year-old young wife Weng Fan in December 2004, whom Yang called the “final blessing from God.”

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3. Yu Qiuyu & Ma Lan 余秋雨与马兰

Age Gap: 16 years
Yu Qiuyu is perhaps one of the best-known Chinese cultural and literary figures in contemporary China. He married young woman Ma Lan in 1992. Ma Lan is a renowned Huangmei opera artist from Anhui province, Yu is 16 years older than Ma.

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Can you find examples where the lady is older than the man in China?

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4. Lu Xun & Xu Guangping 鲁迅与许广平

Lu Xun was one of the major Chinese writers of the 20th century. with his student and lover Xu Guangping, who was 17 years younger than her teacher Lu Xun.

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Can you find examples where the lady is older than the man in China?

I can hardly find any examples of old women with younger guys. I think the reasons are two fold, first, Chinese women prefer much older men maybe because they want to seek protection from relationship and marriage. An older man is considered more thoughtful and knows more about taking care of others. Second, Chinese men would prefer to date a younger women as I believe, you know the reasons.;P

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5. Jin Yong & Lin Leyi金庸与林乐怡

Age Gap: 29 years
Jin Yong is a modern Chinese-language novelist. His fiction, which is of the wuxia genre, has a widespread following in Chinese-speaking areas. He married his third wife Lin Leyi, a part-time waitress. Jin Yong loves her so much that he must take Lin Leyi with him when he attend meetings, lectures of other social occasions. Wherever they are, Lin Leyi’s elegance make her a focus in the crowd.
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