lynx155 Post time 2013-3-25 06:05:48

My French for your Mandarin Chinese


I would like to improve my Chinese so if you are interested in improving your French contact me.
We could chat by Skype or else.

See you

liuyumao Post time 2013-3-30 05:51:08

je voudiais Parker Francois Alec vous Mai's je me ai pas Skype mon e-mail liu yu Mao,mon blog est liuyumao

liuyumao Post time 2013-3-30 07:42:17

I want to study French ,I have send the message to you with French,but my iPad can write the french ,so i affair that you can not undrstand,using english tell you mye-mail is,my blog is liuyumao in the I have not Skype.could you like to contact me? .comnot

liuyumao Post time 2013-4-4 21:27:27

I wait your ijb

liuyumao Post time 2013-4-4 21:28:22

I wait your information ,I have the skydrive
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