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A questionnaire of Chinese Cyber Speaks such as 囧,给力 and so on

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Survey for Chinese Cyber speak of Overseas Students
First of all, your cooperation will be highly appreciated. And the purpose of this survey is to research both the situation and comprehension of the Chinese cyber speaks which are used in daily life of overseas students. Then we will analyses the difficulties with which overseas students will face when cyber speaks are added into the daily communication. We promise that the information we get from this survey will only be applied to the academic research, and thank you again for your help.
(Cyber speak means pop words online, for example, geili(给力),jiong(囧).)
1、Have you heard about the Chinese Cyber speak ?
      A.Yes                         B. NO
2、Where did you hear about Chinese Cyber speak?
      A.on the Internet  B. in the class   C. from your friends
3、When talk to your Chinese friends, would they use Chinese Cyber speaks?
      A.Yes, they used.    B. No, they never use it.
4、Have you ever used Chinese Cyber speaks in communication?
      A.Yes                B. Never
5、Will you wish to learn and master this kind of words?
      A.Yes                  B. NO
6、Whether you can understand the Chinese Cyber speaks accurately?
      A.Yes, I can understand them totally.    B. I can only understand part of them.
     C. No, I have no idea about them.
7、If you master Chinese Cyber speaks will you use them into your daily communication?
     A.Yes                  B. NO
8、Please write down one or more Chinese Cyber speaks you know
9、What’s the meaning of it (those) in your opinion?
10、The country you come from is               
11、How long have you been in China?                              
12、Have you ever took part in the examination of HSK(汉语水平考试)                                         if you did take part in HSK, what about your Chinese level               

That’s all, thank you for your cooperation!

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1.您听说过中国的网络用语吗?           (         )
A.听说过             B.没听过
2.您从哪里了解到中国的网络词语?       (         )      【可多选】
A.互联网上        B.课堂上        C.中国朋友那里
3.在日常交流中,您的中国朋友是否使用过网络用语和您交谈?          (          )
A.使用过        B.从来没有使用
4.在日常交流中您是否使用过网络用语和朋友们交谈?                  (          )
A.使用过         B.从来没有使用
5.您是否希望了解并掌握网络用语?                 (         )
A.是的       B.无所谓
6.您是否能准确理解网络用语的涵义?               (         )
A.完全可以理解        B.大致可以理解      C.完全不能理解
7.如果您掌握了中国的网络用语,您是否会把它使用在日常交流中?       (          )
A.是的        B.不会使用
12.您是否参加过汉语水平考试(HSK)?      (           )
A.参加过             B.还没有
如果您参加过汉语水平考试(HSK),您的汉语水平等级是:  【没有参加HSK考试可以不作答此题】


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If you are interested in this survey, please leave your E-mail address behind, we will send the final result to your mailbox, thank you for your cooperation!

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