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工作在广东珠海的中国人!I wana teaching free chinese for foreign guy

我是工作在广东珠海的中国人!I wana teaching free chinese for foreign guy

                            我的联系方式 QQ ID:29497610                   邮箱                备注:如果你们不方便用QQ交流,我也可以去注册msn或者skype。

Hello, everyone.

Very glad to be Chinese Forum and all interaction. My name is nick , from the south of China boy, this year 30 years old. I usually like playing chess, surfing the Internet, playing table tennis, bubble girl etc..

This came to Chinese Forum, I hope I can find a partner, one who can teach me English. Of course, I will teach you to learn chinese. I am people in South China, used in China north to read the book for three years, so went to a place more, cultural also have some understanding. Because I go to more places, so I would say a lot of local dialects. I have four languages: Chinese, Cantonese, Hakka, zhuang. Chinese is not introduced, which is China Guangdong Province Cantonese, Fujian Province, China Taiwan, China Hongkong popular language. So I still know a little of the world cultures.


                 my  QQ ID: 29497610                   Email
Note: if you are not convenient QQ exchanges, I also can go to register MSN or skype.

I didn't know you were quite popular with the MSN or Skype, please tell me ok? Just waiting for your infors.  thanks.

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