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so desperate to find someone to love

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This is a line in a movie called Broken English. Anyone saw that movie?   It's so sad . And the sad thing is that i have the same feeling like the girl in the movie. Very hard. I'm really a nice girl but just can't find a suitable man especially when most yours friends are married . Let me alone. That melancholy mood comes out very often. Why do i have to go through this? so moody

And i met a guy before, we were seeing eath other and more than once he told me he liked me and i liked him too but  some time later i found he  was meeting sb else at the same time ,how could he do this? And some time later i met another guy . what shocked me is that he was doing the same thing! That really let me feel desperate.

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What you describe happens to people. There are so many reasons for it happening ranging from simply being too picky to never meeting the right person. Sometimes some people meet the right person and the person dies or is killed, other times the person is already married. Life can be very cruel and harsh.

The important thing is to keep faith in yourself and think positive, get out and meet people and sooner or later the right man will show up. It may take a while but if that's the way it is then that's how it is.

I can honestly say I haven't dated in half a lifetime and that is a very long time.  Why? The woman I loved was killed and though I am looking as yet no one wants me. That's my fate so cheer up and be glad you aren't in my shoes.

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thanks.  These melancholy moods let me feel  insecure really.
Yes maybe  i should put  my hear on my job  and let these moody things away from me.And i guess your heart is not empty because you have a woman you love though she passed away. I believe love can make people get through everything.

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many times I feel the same although I am married and have children and friends.One good solution is to work hard and not allow your thoughts conquer you.Then when you relax you may find love more easily.

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in this forum there is an old woman who also feels the same :lol

still looking for a pure love in China ;P

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you had better dip your dirty tongue into your head before you use it to talk
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