sunnylin01 Post time 2013-1-11 16:51:24

Would you give all your salary to your wife?

A Chinese commercial bank recently provides a service that if husband's salary account exceeds the permitted limit, then the exceeding amount will be automatically transfered to wife's banking account. The service has sparked heated debate online, with husbands claiming it is too rude while wives saying it is considerate. What will you do if u were a husband? Would you give all your salary to your wife?

artdio Post time 2013-1-12 09:53:42

Yes, it's not my money it's your money.{:1_1:}

paladin1988 Post time 2013-1-12 10:20:24

interesting topic...
l will hand in a majority of my solary...
it's my money , and your money..:P

dusty1 Post time 2013-1-12 15:29:46

i earn family money

Ray1314 Post time 2013-1-12 21:38:04

My wife, for sure it's my lover, why not give all I have to her, then we can build a lovely family.
I will do it.

RealMadrid1 Post time 2013-1-12 21:53:23

No, as we have joint bank accounts (personal and business), each with equal access - since there is no reason to maintain separate accounts, the whole purpose of such scheme is not relevant.

To maintain separate bank accounts and retain control over individual's earnings is a sign of mis-trust in your partner, so WHY do it?

Aiven Post time 2013-1-12 22:03:55

it is amazing and unbelievebale, how can the bank come out a so funny proposal:o
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