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Question about new HSK

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Hello, can anyone tell me about how the new HSK levels relate to matters such as attending college or working in China? I am trying to set a learning goal based on the HSK and I need to determine where I should aim. What level do you need to teach a subject in which you have a PhD (from an English-speaking university) in a Chinese university in Mandarin? Thanks!

(This is just a hypothetical situation - I'm trying to figure out what I would need if I wanted to do my current job - computer science professor - in China and in Mandarin rather than in the USA and in English.)

daniel_hs_walsh Post time 2013-1-4 16:06:24

The new system has 6 levels, to teach Computer Science using Chinese at University Level, you would need at least level 5. But, professional vocabulary would also obviously be essential.


querist Post time 2013-1-5 02:58:27

Thanks, Daniel! That's exactly what I needed to know. I'm aiming to take the level 5 exam, so I'm on track.

Alamaomao Post time 2014-8-18 13:26:08

i thinks talking more to people and practice oral chinese is more important than participating in the exam,because we chinese never attend that kind of exam, and just like you never participate in the TOElF or GRE in your country i think, In china college,it is stipulated that students should get level6 english to graduate,and  i think such exam is a little ridiculous for native english speakers.
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