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So it's quite ironic these wonderful native NZ birds are slaughtered to the last few dozen by your ...

1/ NZ was never a penal colony!
2/ My ancestors, some of whom were Maori killed Kiwi for their feathers which were worn on a cloak, by tribal chiefs.
3/ People didn't slaughter the Kiwi, introduced species such as rats and ferrets/stoats did.

Before you talk to me about my country, you had better go to school son, you're way outclassed!

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My Chinese history books say all NZ whities came over the boats from the penal land of little Brit ...
Actually, in my years of teaching in China and reading "your" history books, I can debate most things as inaccurate relating to many issues.
Australia was a penal colony, not NZ! Check it again before you come at me with such claptrap!

Can you please show me your source for any of your claims, including gang violence?

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Can you please show me your source for any of your claims, including gang violence?

Try the FT, b ...

The "FT"?

If you refuse to give evidence of source, then you are making scurrilous claims and are therefore libellous, which is a suable offence, even here in China so best you shut up now!

I challenge you to show me, us, links to your sources regarding;

A/ NZ being a penal colony originally
B/ gang related violence in NZ.

Failure to do so exposes you to be the liar and hate filled troll that you are so, F.U!

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I know you are at least two levels below me, that I am sure.

Dance for me fool
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