HardTruth Post time 2012-12-28 20:03:55

fearless_Pang Post time: 2012-12-28 20:02 static/image/common/back.gif
We ain't like you greedy Westerners.
We don't claim every bit of land and oceans as 'ours'.

ok relax Mr troll but seriously you are totally cool with Japan nicking all your fish?

fearless_Pang Post time 2012-12-28 20:04:40

dusty1 Post time 2012-12-28 20:05:37

fearless_Pang Post time: 2012-12-28 19:58 static/image/common/back.gif
Nothing wrong with that!
Asians should be allowed to farm, fish or hunt for whatever kind of good th ...

What reason should Japan hunt whales, when there is warehouse after warehouse full of frozen whale meat, nobody is eating it  This makes it economically unviable.

fearless_Pang Post time 2012-12-28 20:10:48

dusty1 Post time 2012-12-28 20:14:48

fearless_Pang Post time: 2012-12-28 20:10 static/image/common/back.gif
Where's your proof there are 'warehouse after warehouse'?
Day dreaming again?

You really have no idea what you are arguing about. This is just simple contradiction, and a game to you.

dusty1 Post time 2012-12-28 20:22:04

fearless_Pang Post time: 2012-12-28 20:04 static/image/common/back.gif
Where is the Antarctica from Britain?
Yeah, twenty thousand miles away. Yet the greedy Anglos makes  ...

same argument as china and Japan's claim on the Senkaku islands

slimpanda Post time 2012-12-28 20:22:30

what is the use of people donating money to environmentalist? for them go get rich?
what is the use of environmentalist if the whole country and its people are supporting whaling and eating whale sushi?
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