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The world's most powerful economies

Britain has reclaimed its place as the world’s sixth largest economy from Brazil and will be larger than France by 2022, according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR). Here are the world's top ten economies, and where in the league table they will be in a decade.

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1.) America
America has secured its status as the world's most powerful economy, a position it is expected to hold for the next decade.
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2.) China
China's rapid expansion shows no sign of abating over the next decade. Although it is expected to remain in second spot over the medium term, the CEBR said that by 2022, the Chinese economy, currently 53pc the size of the US economy, will swell to 83pc of the size.

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3.) Japan
Japan is expected to remain the world's third largest economy in 2022.
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4.) Germany
Europe's powerhouse is also the world's fourth largest economy, according to the CEBR. However, it is predicted to slip back to 6th place by 2022 as Asian countries make a bigger impact on the world stage.
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5.) France
France, in fifth spot, is predicted to slip back to ninth by 2022. The CEBR said that the economic effects of president Francois Hollande's 75pc tax policy and the difficulties of the euro would drag the country down.
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6.) United Kingdom
Britain has recliamed sixth spot from Brazil this year as a result of the weakness of the Latin country's currency. However, Britain is predicted to slip back into 8th place in ten years time.
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