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Idiom: 吃 (2)


Literally means to eat bitterness.
Figuratively means to bear hardships (usually in order to get something) or to have a rough time.


Literal translation is to eat vinegar.
Figuratively means to be jealous (of a rival).


Literally means to eat oily (food)
Figuratively means to be sick or fed up with something.

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Literal translation is to eat force.
Figuratively means to be a strain or strenuous, exhausting or be exhausted.


Literally translation is to eat softness.
Figuratively means to be open to gentle persuasion (not to coercion).

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Literal translation is to eat money.
Figuratively, it doesn’t mean expensive. It means to take bribes or embezzle.


Literal translation is to eat heart.
Figuratively means to be oversensitive, take things personally, be wary of something.


Literal translation is to eat guilt.
Figuratively means to be blamed for something.


Literal translation is to eat tight.
紧 can also mean hard up, tense, taut.
Figuratively, this phrase means either to be in short supply of (money) or when speaking of something to be dealt with - to be important (and thus a cause of stress).

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Literal translation is to eat surprise.
Figuratively means to be startled, amazed, shocked.


Literal translation is to eat a lack.
Figuratively means to treat or be treated unfairly, to suffer a loss, to come to grief.

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Literal translation is eat penetrate.
Figuratively means have a thorough grasp of, understand thoroughly.


Literal translation is to eat request.
Figuratively means to be invited, or to accept a dinner invitation (also a dinner that is meant as a bribe).

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- means eat meat
That goes without explanation, basically not a vegetarian.


素 means plain – without adornments.
吃素 means to be a vegetarian. If a person is vegan, he will only '吃全素‘, meaning consume only food that are derived from plant sources.

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