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Literal translation is to eat white rice or eat plain cooked rice.
But 白 can also mean “in vain” or “futile” — thus, eating white rice can refer to eat without paying, or living off others.


Literally means to eat from imperial coffers (粮:grain)
Figuratively, it means to live off the wages paid by the government or be an official.


Literal translation is to eat widowed wine
Figuratively, it means to drink alcohol alone or without any snacks to match with.


Literal translation is to eat flower wine
Almost every phrase that includes the character 花 or 'flower' in Chinese has something to do with debauchery.
Figuratively, to eat (drink) flower wine means to go to a dinner party with sing-song girls or courtesans in attendance (with drinking, of course).

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Literally means to eat tofu
Figuratively means to get advantage of someone, to flirt or even to mildly harass sb (depending on the context and at what place in China).


Literal translation is to eat old roots
Figuratively means to rest on one’s laurels and live off one’s past achievements (本 also means “capital” or “foundation”).


Literal translation is to eat zero mouth
Figuratively, it means to take/nibble snacks between meals

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zhen you yisi{:soso_e181:}

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zhen you yisi


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Its very funny to translate Chinese idiom into English.:call::call:

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Acorn, I enjoyed reading this. 谢谢!

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And for people who love eating, they can be called "吃货"
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