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United States Policies is not for us.

The government of the western countries think the Chinese are trouble makers and rebellious. The United States is becoming too powerful, you can't resist them, they have a nuclear weapons arsenal and military equipment that pioneering and unstoppable, they are becoming too powerful and will threaten you peace if you light that spark that wil cause a big chain reaction. The new world is hell on Earth, there is no hope of regaining peace and harmony. Your country is under threat. Be careful of what you, and all Chinese people around the world say, they are not going to give you what you want, take my word coz I'm speaking from experience. The gods will go to war against each other, religion will change it's order and CHAOS is ruling the world as I'm writing this, NO, you will never see me fall, never, you are gulity for what you've done to me, this must be spread throught all of China, all Chinese must know about this now and in the future because it has destroyed my life, pleaese listen to me.

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There doesn't seem much here beyond the obvious.
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