LoneAcorn Post time 2012-12-1 11:35:06

Hidden Chinese characters

See if you can figure out the five Chinese characters hidden in this image composed of letters, symbols and punctuation marks.

Simply view the image from a distance of about 2~3 metres. The Chinese characters will start to take shape after a few seconds.

What Chinese characters do you see? Post them below.

WheresMyMarbles Post time 2012-12-2 17:14:11

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LoneAcorn Post time 2012-12-2 17:30:26

WheresMyMarbles Post time: 2012-12-2 17:14 static/image/common/back.gif

Good try! 后面三个字对了 {:soso_e133:}

yimiqisan Post time 2013-3-15 00:29:51

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