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Free to attend "Movie Night" in Beijing

Free to attend
                                 Movie Night
Watch Chinese movies at OriChinese Language School
Free drinks and snacks are available
Time: at 7:00pm Every Friday night
Address: 902 Jianwai soho, 39 East Third Ring Middle, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Contact person: Mr. Chen
Phone: 010-59000181
Mobile: 13501128098

Discover Chinese culture through movies, enjoy and have discussions with friends at Friday Night. We endeavor to build a Chinese learning community where we can communicate, learn, and enjoy. We are waiting for you!

This week, we will watch a Chinese movie “To live”《活着》. It was directed by Zhang Yimou, acted by Gong Li and Ge You.
“To Live”- existence and suffering of a “nobody”. The times leave an imprint in his personal happiness and sorrows
This movie is well known as an unofficial history of Contemporary China. It deserves the name.

The main role is Fugui, one of common people who lost his family members one after another. His father died during the times of Republic of China (1912-1949). His mother died in the civil war. He lost his son in “Great Leap Forward movement”. Then his daughter died in the “Culture Revolution”. The death of each one of them seems accidental while it was inevitable and complied with the historical development. The times of turbulence and suppression plunder the living rights of common people in the bottom of the society. They and their family had barely anything, physically and spiritually.

Life is like a part of ocean swallowing all tragedies.

The film slows us the melancholy and the patience of a common person who has to
move on toward his simple life after facing all the losses as if he experienced all the
splendid views in his life, and lost everything in the end. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

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