Amanda55 Post time 2012-11-1 15:54:24

Free learning Chinese

I liveing in Beijing, and is studying English. I have very standard mandarin and character is very cheerful, I like cook Chinese food. Please contact me:
You teach me English, I can teach you Chinese.

xilaren Post time 2012-11-1 18:42:51

you mean xuxiang xuexi:D

Amanda55 Post time 2012-11-1 20:37:28

yes,shi hu xiang xue xi

Amanda55 Post time 2012-11-1 20:38:35

yes,shi hu xiang xue xi.我的意思是互相学习,不好意思,我的英文很差劲~:$

xilaren Post time 2012-11-1 21:06:32

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Amanda55 Post time: 2012-11-1 20:38 static/image/common/back.gif
yes,shi hu xiang xue xi.我的意思是互相学习,不好意思,我的英文很差劲~
不用着急.学习 英文 要多看,多练!{:1_1:}

xilaren Post time 2012-11-2 05:06:42

one good way to practice in english is to listen to cds or better dvds.There are a lot of them in english with chinese subtitles.Hundreds I can say.Then repeat after the dialogues and keep notes and try to learn them by heart.Since I started doing that ,my chinese has been much better in a short me it really helps
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