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Language exchange(Chinese, English)

I'm a senior student studying in Nanjing, China. I am interested in English and spend much time practicing it. If you are a native Enlgish speaker, please feel free to contact me. I'll be very glad to make friends with you and help you improve your Chinese.
E-mail: krashilili0915@gmail.com

lnjiajia Post time 2012-10-20 06:59:49

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I'M confusion about learning english ,especially the consequence of the words and phrases
if we can change languages ,I will tell you how to be a good learner in a short time to study chinese(mandarin).I 'm good at calligraphy and chinese literature,handmade crafts and travel the world(Mediterranean seas and middle east).
cooking(bake),music(grammy , french , tender style),movie(love , family ,humor genre),pets care.
that's it,welcome drop a email to my address:lnjiajia@yahoo.cn
And 1 more important thing: if you could offer me a job is better;P,concern english  above industries.

punny Post time 2012-12-22 09:58:29

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hi Aaron ,
Nice to meet you .I'm working for  vietnam visa so I can speak english  a little bit {:1_1:}  

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