carolgreen481 Post time 2012-9-27 11:33:05

Get a Chinese name from your birthday

Get a Chinese name from your birthday:

First. the last number of the year:

Second. the month:

Third. the day:

Such as : 1988.10.8
So the Chinese name is 浅宇梦.

What's yours????

vk3ukf Post time 2012-11-25 20:22:09

Hello carolgreen481,

I can't reveal my full D.O.B. here, I don't feel it is a correct thing to do on the net, but doing what I do, it is there anyway. but I will tell you, that after I was looking at another post here regards names, I went and found the English meanings for my name. After using your method, I found a similar meaning in Chinese, very unexpected. Thank you for your post.

WheresMyMarbles Post time 2012-12-2 17:18:28

浅 is not a common Chinese surname.
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