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China's DISTRICT OFFICERS need to work with the VILLAGE HEAD designated to be centre of the reclustering. Probably the biggest in a district, the most affluent VILLAGE should be enlarged with VILLAGE LAND properly surveyed, new URBAN VILLAGE planning that include connections with electricity, water, sewage, telco cables!

The VILLAGE HEAD must have GREAT RAPPORT with the citizens to help CONVINCED them of a BETTER VILLAGE with the redevelopment, creating better facilities and lifestyle. Provincial CAPITAL <cash to compensate> might be needed to compensate "Village property" designated as "NON COMPLIANCE" with "Building Occupation Standards" and REZONING of land needs.

New URBAN VILLAGE will need to have PROPER ROAD space, space for the essential services to partake in the expected influx of the AUTOMOBILE, even AIR FIELDS, yatch clubs, golf clubs or other amenities expected to be affordable when the SERVICES, industrial, process SECTOR grows in their NEW VILLAGE.

A new PLANNED, DESIGNED "VILLAGE MAIN STREET" should be built adjacent to the existing "most affluent village centre". Returning MIGRANT WORKERS with "savings" of Rmb200,000 (husband-wife working for 10 years in coastal city would have minimum such "savings") to up to Rmb1,000,000 can buy cheap READY TO BUILD LAND PLOTS <Compared to city - probably less than Rmb10 psf on plots of 1,000 to 2,000 sq. ft land>.


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Mr. Li Ka Shing thinks

"We can make big $ in Central, Western, Southwest China by getting our clan to invest in JOINT VENTURES with small scale builders-real estate companies. There could be 10,000 or more real estate developers in that regions......

A MAIN STREET urban village concept DESIGN.

.....we'll make initial capital back from rebuilding the URBAN VILLAGE <selected by the Provincial Bureaucrats and approved by the local Village popular chief> MAIN STREET, selling Shops, building Industrial-Service units and...

A sewage, electric, water, telco READY housing plot. New homes
can be built depending on approved designs <local government> at cost
between Rmb120,000 <Rmb120 psf> to Rmb300,000 depending on capacity
of new homeowners.

create huge number of PHUA CHU KANG like CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTORS - likely to be in region of 100,000 contractors to build NEW MODERN HOMES <with the new provincial construction standards> as VILLAGERS can afford it <either returning MIGRANT WORKERS with their Rmb200,000 to Rmb1,000,000 savings or FARMERS, new SHOPKEEPERS, new FACTORY-SERVICE entrepreuners>. They just purchase LAND PLOTS for Rmb20,000 or so, and rebuild when they can afford to build <either 100% cash or term loans from the Agricultural bank>.

URBAN VILLAGE concept will drive China's growth in the RURAL REGION.
Up to 25% of CHINA'S population will be RURAL.
Some of the 220 million migrant population will return to the URBAN VILLAGE and the rest will bring their children, grandparents, sibling to the new URBAN CENTRES <SUPERCENTRES & CITIES>.


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Inviting Entrepreuners like Mr. K K could spur UPGRADES in the URBAN VILLAGE new clustering by bring in NEW COMPETITION to China's Western, Southwestern and Central region areas.

The KK mart shops are a chain concept which can be a DISTRIBUTER WHOLESALER. Shops can be open WITH or WITHOUT the design & merchandizing display furniture of such CHAIN CONVENIENCE STORES. The KK chain shops is a concept from the CENTRAL MALAYA region. It sells mostly SOFT DRINKS, ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, and many DAILY NEEDED Items.

From Singapore, we can invite the COOPERATIVE FAIRPRICE supermarket chain stores.

While HONG KONG can contribute the WATSON PHARMACIES.

Returning MIGRANT WORKERS, and ex FARMERS who sold their land plots <probably worth Rmb100,000 per hectare> (US$300 x 6T output = US$1,800 x 6.3 ). Instead of farming, they ex farmer could START up such stores. Other Migrant workers with skills as diverse as CHEFS, automotive workshops mechanics can start all kinds of other businesses!


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Commander Baby was counting with his fingers.......

"China has 630 million economic active adults. That means if we have MINIMUM WAGE of Rmb30,000 <approximately US$5,000> and China is as EFFICIENT as present in MASS PRODUCTION with cheap cars of average price Rmb63,000 <approximately US$10,000>, then

It'll probably have a fleet of cars numbering 630 million
or SATURATION at 1:2 approximately.
Many will buy from new, but quite a number especially lower income will buy "Used Cars".

If the average age of car obsolescence is 15 years, then approximately 50 million units can be sold annually!
When China per capita gnp reach US$20,000, average car obsolescense improves to 7 odd years!
Then it could be 100 million units sold annually!

Maybe, when i grow up, I'll set up a USED CAR sales outlet in the URBAN VILLAGE.


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Commander Baby is counting.

"I'll probably grow up and sell NEW CARS in Urban Village new clusters.

The Farmers, new entrepreuners, even workers will have the money to buy new cars, instead of used car before long. China is very efficient in manufacturing, and the efficiency will translate to affordable cars for the market."

Ms. Hua thinks

"I'll return to my new Urban Village plot which I have purchased a long time ago. I'll marry my sweetheart, and build a new home with the money I'd save with him. Maybe we'll get a FRANCHISE from Sinopec and run a PETROL FILLING STATION in our village.

We'd have saved almost Rmb 1.0 million with my work as model, and him as a technician in a factory. Outlay is minimal, mostly paid by SINOPEC, and both me and my boyfriend has enough capital to qualify to operate one".


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Mr. Zhang is a MIGRANT WORKER technician in Inner Mongolia. He makes Rmb40,000 a year.

Ms. Fah is a MIGRANT WORKER working in Shenzen. She makes Rmb30,000 a year especially after the numerous OVERTIME pay she earns. She saves as much as her VILLAGE SWEETHEART working in Inner Mongolia. They meet once a year during family reunion but TEXT MESSAGE each other frequently. Whenever possible, she does part time work at a nearby eatery and can cook up a storm!

In about 5 to 6 years, We can save more than Rmb200,000.
We'll buy a URBAN VILLAGE home cluster lot. When we return to our Village, we'll build a nice house for Rmb150,000 - part financing it with a term loan and he'll start a CAR SERVICE CENTRE, I'll run a VILLAGE EATERY!


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Contractor Phua Chu Kang thinks......

.....We can also contract to rebuild HOMESTEAD of the BIGGER FARMS too.
They'll need SELF CONTAINED homestead with electric supply, onsite sewage treatment, compost plant, grain storage, vehicle garage. The bigger farms means bigger income - more mechanization too!


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