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Contrary to the PERCEPTION of Western & China media reports, the RURAL MIGRANT workers does not only consist of "unskilled mass labourers" only! Of the perhaps 220 million "reported migrant workers", many are knowledge workers - with university, polytechnique or vocational education.

With the ODD 15 years since 1999, these WORKERS could have risen ranks to become SUPERVISORS, skilled workers, while the talented could be Entrepreuners, Business Executives too.

Of course, even unskilled workers becomes SKILLED after years of experience.

Some of these will SPEARHEAD the URBAN VILLAGE transformation, and SCREECHINGLY DIFFICULT task of selecting which Rural Citizen will be FARMER with scale land holdings, the SHOPKEEPER, the MANAGER of cooperatives, revenue merchants, provincial glc in the PROCESS, Industrial units in their HOME PROVINCE or rural regions.

The CONCEPT is easy to explain.
BUT the task of organizing it will be quite tedious.
Now the CCP with their main supporters being the FARMER, WORKER unions will have a GIGANTIC TASK of organizing, motivating themselves.

The market for the RURAL PRODUCE is available.
Their task is to REINVENT themselves and create a 2ND DOMESTIC CONSUMER group for China.
URBANIZATION - in Super Centres, City is one task. NOW it's the URBAN VILLAGE CONCEPT - is the 2nd task.
Both will drive China to greater heights!

The WORLD WATCHES in trepidation to see China pulling off these TASKS on the backdrop of Global Trade Trend Changes - the ERoTIC Age, and dangers of global geopolitical rivalry.


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The URBAN VILLAGE concept will require REAL ESTATE developer guild - niche size to be active. They ...

As long as the banks are state owned.
We wouldn't want private individuals making the most money while doing the least amount of real work.
In the USA we call those people bankers but in reality they are really thieves.
Privatized banks make up the biggest organized crime sector in the world.
China does not need their fantastic progress brought to a grinding halt by these criminals.

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Great topic  ..........    {:soso_e181:}

Here is a picture which shows pre-Industrial Revolution cities in Europe and the effects of industrialisation on the societies of N.W. Europe ..........

As industrialisation grows then so do the number of cities and the change this brings to the population in respect of life-style  ........


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As long as the banks are state owned.
We wouldn't want private individuals making the most money w ...

Commander Robert!

I think this is the FINAL INSTALMENT of the great CHINA GROWTH STORY.

In this instalment, we'll see the 400 million Chinese <rural> will upgrade their HOMES and VILLAGES - creating new lifestyle <I am BLINDFOLDED due to the fact I have not visited the rural parts of these CHINA REGIONS - West, South West and Central. My thoughts are PURELY based on LOGICAL RATIONAL DEDUCTIONS, based on expected behavioural patterns.>

That will ADD another Rmb20 trillion in real estate value.

Then the 220 milion ODD floating population will be URBANIZED in China's Super centre and Cities. These group will add Rmb40 trillion in real estate value as CITY PROPERTY are more costly.

Overall, that could create a Rmb150 trillion or US$25 or more Trillion real estate value to the China economy!


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China is on it's way toward the US$10,000 per capita mark.
US$15 trillion GNP by year 2020!


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I have been MET by Aussie Operatives in the MALLS I frequent.

They often ask about CHINA'S IMPACT on the AUSSIE ECONOMY.
I told them that CHINA REAL ESTATE growth is STABALIZING.

The TWIN GROWTH of the IRON & STEEL consumption in China has been the REAL ESTATE and EXPORTS OF PRODUCTS to high energy cost cuntries - like EU, British Isle and Asian Trade Route States. With the FLATTENING OUT of the Real Estate growth curve, demand will slacken.

AND surely enough, we heard of stories of AUSSIE MINERS cutting back iron ore field development.
(of course the SLUMPING prices of coal, iron ore did help too)

Now, the AUSSIES are developing the MASSIVE NATURAL GAS deposit to supply to Coastal China and the Asian Trade Route State to maintain their growth. The AUSSIES are the LUCKY CHAPS. Those DIGGERS just sell the world DIRT and GAS, and they probably the richest fellas in the world!


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Commander Robert!

I think this is the FINAL INSTALMENT of the great CHINA GROWTH STORY.

And the state owned banks of China will keep all that money in China and in the Chinese economy.
None of those trillions of dollars will end up in hidden bank accounts of the super-rich of the west.
China is on the rise. China will not buckle to pressure from the economic imperialist from the west.
The banks of China will remain state owned and the Chinese people will not lose their hard earned money. :victory:
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