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The URBAN VILLAGE concept.

This thread would be about the URBAN VILLAGE concept.

It will be about a discussion on how the RURAL LANDSCAPE can be converted into a HIGH PRODUCTIVITY, capital, knowledge intensive society. While URBANIZATION create the MARKET STRUCTURE that help lubricate a National Economic Zone spurring domestic demand, the RURAL VILLAGE concept creates a rural lifestyle that is superior.

We can talk about IDEAS on how to achieve this.
The Europeans have long created such a lifestyle and most of their society revolves around "urban village atmosphere" with town of 500,000 people or less, mostly market towns of less than 50,000 citizens & villages of less than several thousands.

The hustle, bustle and SIN of VICE is nearly absent in such a society.
The citizenry of such a society is moral, and pleasant.


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Scale farms - from 10 hectares to 100 hectares per family.
Mechanization, use of productivity enhancement tools, scientific methods to
maintain quality of produce.

Livestock farming.......

.....fruits and vegetables production in hygienic, clean conditions
will need investment of capital, knowhow and bigger household incomes.

This is part of the URBAN VILLAGE landscape!


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Even industrial production and services can come from rural areas... it's pretty common in western Europe.
It indeed leads to lower crime rates and the like... but frankly speaking, it makes life also quite boring. If you're in a city, there's at least always something going on {:1_1:}

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Should NEW CHINA be stressed on the ADVENT of the ERoTIC Age.
It's like WARP SPEED for China.

1911 to 1949 = CIVIL WAR
1950 to 1978 = Crazy, Nutty Communist Era.
1979 to 2018 = Industrial Age (1st Industrial Revolution - Steam engine, coal, steel, metallurgy, shipbuilding)
1999 to 2030 = 2nd Industrial & ICE Age (Advent of Electric powered devices, and the INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE)
AND NOW......noooooooooo......
2015 onwards = 3rd industrial Age (Digital, Automation, Computer and ERoTIC AGE)


Well, don't worry - take it easy.
Let's go through the process STEP BY STEP and we'll be okay!


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The CONCEPT is simple. Prior to THE AUTOMOBILE, TRUCK or tractor - people walked, cycled or were on bufalo carts. That caused quite a problem with RURAL LOGISTICS. The range is limited to probably maximum 60 minutes a day walking to or from the home to the farm or work place!

That's a 3km radius. <people can walk 6 km/hour>

With larger farms, and BIGGER incomes.
The Farmer with 1 hectare can earn US$2,000 a year, with 4 hectares average <10 hectare grain land, 2 hectare vegetable land, or 1 hectare fishery pond/chicken or porker farm> can earn up to US$20,000 a year.

and THAT makes the FARMER a CONSUMER, with big buying power - the RURAL MIDDLE CLASS. <as it once was in the old days> And we have been building all those OIL PIPELINES for ease of access, Myanmar, Central Asia to China, Russia to China and now the new oil fields in Xinjiang, South China Sea and Bohai.

The Automobile makes 30 km to & fro travel no problem.

Old village cluster MAKES NO SENSE at all.
Now we need a village every 100km2, not the old every 10km2.



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The URBAN VILLAGE concept will require REAL ESTATE developer guild - niche size to be active. They will have to encourage reclustering of the villages from the current <600 citizen to that of >2,000 citizens. To do that, they need to develop schemes to encourage LOCAL FARMERS to sell their land, either becoming shop keepers, service providers or just employees in the new village clusters.

That means, China's 600,000 villages will have to be redeveloped to only <200,000 village.

The bigger village cluster, and higher incomes of farmers, livestock breeders, mining workers will become the consumer of the goods, services business. Village must be attractive by creating focal points, like cafe, dim sum shops, restaurant and attractive retail. Homes around the village will be MODERN. Cost will be lower as land is the rural regions should be less than Rmb2 per square feet.

The RURAL BANKER is needed.
The farmer who sells his land plot, will get cash. He will need to do mortgage of probably 50% value for his new "modern Home" in the new rural URBAN VILLAGE cluster. The ex farmer, wife and adult children will work or operate the businesses <now with economic size market clientale insitu plus the wealthy farmer, livestock breeder, logger or miner>

While the farmer, livestock breeder will need to get loan to buy the extra land plots.

The LOCAL GOVERNMENT will need to have a LAND EXCHANGE to ensure land is zoned, conduct plots exchange to create rational arable land ownership.


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Central China, Western China, Southwestern China could redevelop their villages into bigger, more populous entity. <via administrative, political association, guild manipulation> Architecture firms, corporate entities <offering franchise or supply-concept> can hasten such a development.

Would it be an EUROPEAN STYLE village lifestyle street.........

.....or updated CHINA STYLE rural village street is up to the marketing ability of the "Real Estate Developer". Provincial Government could give guidelines so that QUALITY VILLAGES can be created - making rural citizen proud of their villages and commensurate with "Buying power" of the new "Middle Class Rural Farmers, Gentry" and cheap land cost.

If successful, it could be a >Rmb20 trillion undertaking as up to 100 million households will be reclustered, while some 40 million household remains on their LAND. The transformation in the next decades will provide a lot of opportunities for ENTREPREUNERS all over China and the Chinese Diaspora!


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