lostalien Post time 2012-9-12 13:06:34

Chinese Writing help sought

Greetings all. Hope all is well.

I am seeking a native Chinese person whom understands the mechanisms related to Chinese writing.
I hope you are male and above 30 years old and live in Beijing.

Haidian or Changping please!

I have lived here a long time and only can read and write very little. And quite honestly I am tired of dealing with it so I want to join the ranks of those who love language and become good enough to manage everyday life and so on.

You do not need to be a professional. In fact I hope you are not. I think it would be best to do language exhanges.

My times are usualy nights and some weekends.

if anyone is out there please drop me a line here.

oh and thanks to chinadaily for running a great website for so many years.


Alamaomao Post time 2014-8-18 13:30:39

i am not in beijing but i think i can help you with chinese

Tsaokuohua Post time 2015-6-16 21:02:27

Write your Chinese that is easy .

Tsaokuohua Post time 2016-7-17 20:34:49

They write Chines that is very well.

JuliusWang Post time 2016-7-18 08:35:33

good. there are many kind-hearted people around you.
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