helper4u3 Post time 2012-8-20 09:33:45

Why 40 hours a working week in the west?

168 hours in a week
23% of time working + 2% travel time + 25% percent sleeping + 25% family + 25% personal time = 100% a balance life.

More hours working means nothing is efficeint. The work, the business, the worker time.

haishiwo Post time 2012-8-20 10:12:12

Just read the news, Marissa Mayer, new CEO of Yahoo, work 18 hours each day.

Everynowhere Post time 2012-8-20 14:07:15

depends who in the west you're talking about...
Ordinary workers have rather short working hours because they don't "live" for their jobs - their job is just a mean to make ends meet, but they focus much more on their hobbies or other activities beside the job. However, if you're starting to identify with your job and take responsibility, you'll be easily working much more than 40 hours!

How much do you usually work in China? Most ordinary workers I've met so far don't seem to work much more than 40 hours either... but I've also spent most time in Sichuan, which is considered a "lazy" province ;)

redob Post time 2012-8-20 16:48:02

Aye 10 - 12 hour days seem to be the norm.

WhiteBear Post time 2012-8-20 17:57:06

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there are many jobs of 8 hours a day, 5 days a week average - and most of them are average, simple jobs

when You have more responsible job - there is no way to go home when You don't finish what You started (for example - writing corespondence or making important document), so sometimes You work 10 or 12 hours... but in many cases it can be "balanced" with more free time on another day

but "top management" - it is living in a job... not even job in a living time ;)

btw. please be aware, that in many countries in jobtime is included lunch-break (for example in Poland there is 15 minutes lunch break after no longer then 6 hours work in 8 hours working day)

St_George Post time 2012-8-20 20:02:09

40 hours in an ordinary job wont even pay the bills here.

WhiteBear Post time 2012-8-20 20:15:26

sure George, moreover - here is 2h lunch break, so 8h working is really 10h beeing in the office/factory (generally out of home if You don't work near)

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