505 Post time 2012-7-31 14:24:01

Mandrin speakers in Guangzhou?

A young dude looking for a language partner in Guanzghou, I speak almost zero Chinese, but working on it :) .. I'm hoping to meet some people who are intersted in exchanging languages, meeting in person at a coffee shop seems to be a great start. Your age & gender don't matter as long as you speak Mandrin and at least basic English. You may add me on QQ.


Samuel_M Post time 2012-8-9 15:29:27

I found my Chinese language partner at jollybeijing.com without any cost. Many Chinese there
want to exchange language. They provide a one to one auto-match system. Luckily, my partner was a nice Beijing girl who can communicate in Pinyin. We can chat via their chat-box tool, it is very convenient! And for free! Recommending~ So far the best platform I've used!

i_rain Post time 2012-8-9 20:59:10

i can help you.i can speak english and teach you chinese. my qq 4463015

leafintianjin Post time 2012-8-28 18:31:53

what's your qq number?we can exchange our language skill also.i live in tianjin as well as get some spare time everynight.we can chat on qq,and expect to improve our level of words.my qq is 45407170,hoping for keeping a good relation with you.

明月和 Post time 2013-1-25 14:57:58

i can speak english and i am a chinese,my QQ is 403453402, if you need help,i can get it .ths
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