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A Chinese Riddle

A Chinese Riddle:

左看四十五天,右看十五天 (seen from the left angle, it means 45 days; while seen from the right angle, it means 15 days){:soso_e113:}

It's a Chinese character.

xilaren Post time 2012-6-7 15:46:10

hen youyisi

suray Post time 2012-6-7 15:52:04

{:soso_e100:} quite interesting, right?
Have a try.

LoneAcorn Post time 2012-6-8 13:35:50


米洛.DeSTi Post time 2012-6-8 14:06:33

我也觉得是:胖“  --fat

xilaren Post time 2012-6-8 14:34:02

suray Post time: 2012-6-7 15:52 static/image/common/back.gif
quite interesting, right?
Have a try.

I can not tell the difference.My chinese is bu tai hao

suray Post time 2012-6-8 16:36:11

LoneAcorn Post time: 2012-6-8 13:35 static/image/common/back.gif

Great! Yes, you're right.
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