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the best way to learn Chinese Character writing

some blog essays cover the order of Chinese strokes, Chnese radicals, which seems to be a systematic introduction on Chinese character writing:

upadate on regular basis

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Nice blog on Chinese characters as we know that characters are the basic for any language to start with.
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Informative blog{:soso_e179:}
Thanks for sharing.

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Nice blog, thanks for sharing:)

Although expats in China can find many english translation in public places, the main writen language is still Chinese. It's useful to familiarize oneself with it. To recognize Chinese characters tips for living in China is to get familiar with them, to write them, yes there are orders to write them. After a while you will start to see a pattern.

On Chinese strokes:

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my teacher told me today that my chinese handwriting looks like bad teeth in a child's mouth.:Q:'(
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