fengshanshan Post time 2012-4-9 18:53:22

Is Chinese important for foreigner who just come to China

Do i need to study Chinese ?Where i can learn Chinese in Shanghai?

Jonathan_shu Post time 2012-4-9 19:05:12

I consider only the"Mandarin Garden"is quit suitable for you, and their teachers depending on your situation to schedule on your study plan.

wangpeijun Post time 2012-4-9 19:07:08

Firstly,Mandarin in China is indespensible,it's kind of a language.living and activities all need communication,and i know that learning Chinese in "Madrin garden" exceed 1000 teachers you can find the most proper one!

Jonathan_shu Post time 2012-4-9 19:12:29

The first I wonder your request, if not, I don't know is there necessary you to learn, but think learn more language to the benefit of your communication in social.

MisterPanda Post time 2012-4-9 19:14:42

In my experience, foreigners who can speak chinese are the one liking China the less...

xilaren Post time 2012-4-9 19:21:04

sishu university is the best

wangpeijun Post time 2012-4-10 09:37:10

Mandarin garden"   is a good choice !!
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