robert237 Post time 2012-3-21 12:24:15

China doesn't need WTO

China doesn't need the WTO as much as the WTO needs China. Don't buy into this trap.
The capitalist jackals will not rest until they have sunk their teeth into China's state owned enterprises.
Their only interest is in separating China's assets from the Chinese people.
China will probably not take part in an international agreement on government procurement this year because of increased standards set by developed nations, said an official from the Ministry of Commerce.
Meanwhile, China needs to rectify some of its domestic regulations before it can join the agreement, which is meant to ensure that countries allow foreign businesses to compete for government purchase deals, said Suo Bicheng, director of the Department of World Trade Organization Affairs with the ministry.

"The EU's new pact, when adopted, won't have an immediate effect on Chinese companies bidding for EU contracts and won't scare China into making concessions over the government procurement agreement proposal, as they expect," Suo said.
EU statistics show that non-European companies can bid on only 352 billion euros ($464.2 billion) worth of the region's government-procurement contracts.
"It's not a big number" compared with what China could provide, Suo said.
What's more, "Chinese companies always find it hard to bid for the deals, since the standards are much too high," Suo said.
The European Chamber of Commerce in China estimates the Chinese government's procurement budget calls for spending about $1 trillion.

They complained that China agreed to let the agreement apply to far less of its government spending than expected, only to the spending in five of its 31 provinces and regions and not to that of State-owned enterprises.
The US has urged China to speed up its adoption of the agreement and has said that the country has not promised to do enough to make that happen.
Minister of Commerce Chen Deming said China was willing to join the agreement and was trying to concede more.

lotusfly7 Post time 2012-3-21 15:03:02

I concur, China should pull out 100%. They do not need affiliation with the WTO. After all, this is China we are talking about and she can stand strong on her own. Do the right thing China, drop those britches and show 'em what you have, pull out now.

Wise people

robert237 Post time 2012-3-22 02:43:54

That's right. The capitalist will trade with them no matter what. The WTO is just a front to try
and bend China to the capitalist's desires. It's just another one of their lame world clubs.
Oh golly!!! How neat!!!

Ques Post time 2012-3-22 03:19:06

Chairman Mao got rid of the parasites these must never go back to feed on china.  China must have own rule and way to stay be strong.  {:soso_e181:}

Everynowhere Post time 2012-3-22 04:13:46

If China leaves the WTO, every nation is free to impose import duties on Chinese products - and considering the current situation, politicians will do so just to get more jobs back home and make sure to please voters. I seriously doubt that China would benefit in any way from such a move.

robert237 Post time 2012-3-22 06:43:03

Everynowhere Post time: 2012-3-21 12:13 static/image/common/back.gif
If China leaves the WTO, every nation is free to impose import duties on Chinese products - and cons ...

Since when did rules matter to capitalists?
If they can buy cheaper in China they will. One way or another. :lol

robert237 Post time 2012-3-22 06:44:31

Ques Post time: 2012-3-21 11:19 static/image/common/back.gif
Chairman Mao got rid of the parasites these must never go back to feed on china.  China must have ow ...

Yes, they must not wimp out to the howling capitalist jackals waiting to sink their blood thirsty
teeth into China's state owned enterprises. :handshake
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