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Behaviors and manners in China

Do not use large hand movements. The Chinese do not speak with their hands. Your movements may be distracting to your host.
Personal contact must be avoided at all cost. It is highly inappropriate for a man to touch a woman in public.
Do not point when speaking.
To point do not use your index finger, use an open palm.
It is considered improper to put your hand in your mouth.
Avoid acts that involve the mouth.
Gift giving is a very delicate issue in China.
It is illegal to give gifts to government official; however, it has become more commonplace in the business world.
It is more acceptable to give gifts either in private or to a group as a whole to avoid embarrassment.
The most acceptable gift is a banquet.
Quality writing pens as considered favored gifts.
The following gifts and/or colors are associated with death and should not be given:
        Straw sandals
        A stork or crane
        Anything white, blue or black
Always arrive on time or early if you are the guest.
Do not start to eat or drink prior to the host.
As a cultural courtesy, you should taste all the dishes you are offered.
Sample meals only, there may be several courses.
Never place your chopsticks straight up in your bowl. By placing your sticks upright in your bowl your will remind your host of joss sticks which connotes death.
Do not drop the chopsticks it is considered bad luck.
Do not eat all of your meal. If you eat all of your meal, the Chinese will assume you did not receive enough food and are still hungry.
Tipping is considered insulting, however the practice is becoming more common.

longzhou Post time 2012-2-12 14:35:49

#1 Those are well given tips. Thanks.

jummocht Post time 2012-2-13 04:47:19

thanks. i am copying and sharing it with my friends and my peoples.

jummocht Post time 2012-2-13 04:52:45

i am convinced

ielts2u Post time 2012-2-13 13:59:37

Interesting list.
The one I would like to know more about is 'hand gestures'.
If we use our hands a alot, how do you feel? Offended, uncomfortable, ammused? Or by 'distracted', do you mean that the Chinese person can not concentrate on what is eing said?

xilaren Post time 2012-2-13 19:18:02

As a cultural courtesy, you should taste all the dishes you are offered.

I always do that and it is not out of cultural courtesy but simply because I am dying to taste all of them .
Come on with all the above tips you make westerners be afraid of making mistakes and make them stressed.
In reality things are very simple.Just be yourself and use all the proper ways you use anywhere.It is simple.

candyfiend Post time 2012-2-14 03:29:12

Yeah, pretty easy to remember.
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