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What can you do in a minute?一分钟能做多少事


    In a minute, you can scan an article with around 500 words. If you scan a newspapers, you can browse a daily newspaper with 40 editions; if you type for a minute, you can type more than 100 words; you can also run 400 meters in a minute,; in a minute, you can do more than 20 situps, which makes you feel comfortable.


    What can you do in a minute? There are so many answers. However, what we can do in one minute is limited; we must admit that one minute is too short. But if we cherish every one minute and learn to gather them, we can do great thing in one minute. To do what we committed, we will be great. Many principles need us to learn them out, even a simple sentence.


    "What can you do in a minute" contains many principles, including essence of life. We can read, write, promote, do some sport and rest in one minute, why just enjoy the life everywhere? My dear friends, what can you do in your one minute?

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