aganren Post time 2012-1-30 11:02:48

discuss about the spring festival programme

how to make the festival programme better, it always attracts the attentions from all over china, and every year's programme became hottest topics since it was played,  most dissatifired, few satisfied, more silient.
i know what silence means coz i expierence the same.
let us discusss and give more advices to improve this programme.

aganren Post time 2012-1-30 11:10:58

i think this programme integrates too many ingrients in a purpose to satisfy all chinese people, the effect is like a bowl a sand, the theme may be more clear. it put emphasis upon everything, there is nothing to be granted as emphasis by audiences.

aganren Post time 2012-1-30 11:16:29

i just read the old story about spring festival, it happened in our childhoold, then i notice the current trend of returning home,  in spring festival, i it means the unit of whole family, it means individual return to the tradition, the soul home.

aganren Post time 2012-1-30 11:22:52

how to put all these dance and singing programme into such a concept. the concept of return, from the physical and phsychological aspect.
why not drama or film, as we witenss the high tech effect,  why not creat the effect that actor come out from the screen, to creat the wonderful effect of space, and furthermore, in a more flexible way to make the programme alive, in a more easy and intregrated way to stress chinese tradition, the soul of chinese people.

Mishao Post time 2017-8-23 20:26:21

One of the most beautiful festivals in the world.
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