4jr245 Post time 2012-1-20 06:03:15

Hello From Newcomer

Hello from 4jr245, I am a newcomer I live in las Vegas I am very interested  in knowing what is popular in China, I will be coming to china this year and i will travel to Zhuhai I will first fly to Hong Kong Will post later bye  joel {:soso_e100:}

Ronny Post time 2012-1-29 04:57:33

hello Joel:victory:

HuTongerChuanzi Post time 2012-2-2 17:02:45

welcome to china !

xilaren Post time 2012-2-2 17:14:48

lucky you ,take me with you to carry your suitcases:lol

lostalien Post time 2012-2-4 08:16:04

welcome dude. las vegas. i lived there awhile back. if you need advice hit meup.
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