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Chengyu of the day: 叶公好龙 yè gōng hào lóng

It is well known that Lord Ye had a particular love for dragons. Ye’s house was “covered” in dragons – designs, paintings, carvings – whether on his weapons, bed linen, chairs or walls.

On hearing about Ye’s passion for dragons, a celestial dragon was so moved that it decided to honor Ye by paying him a visit. So, it descended to earth and stuck its head into Ye’s bedroom window, while the other half of its body swayed in the hall.

The scene that accompanied the dragon’s descent to earth was magnificent: dark clouds rolled across the sky, lightning flashed and thunder boomed. The earth shook and a heavy downpour almost devastated the city.

Ye, the dragon lover, was far from flattered. On the contrary, he was so frightened by the dragon’s visit that he took to his heels and ran away as fast as he could.

What Lord Ye loved was not the real dragon, but something that merely looked like a dragon.

hăi dĭ lāo zhēn

【 海 底 捞 针 】

Fish for a needle in the ocean; search for a pin in a haystack

tiān wài yǒu tiān

【 天 外 有 天 】

There is always another heaven beyond this one – nothing is final .

dì jiǔ tiān cháng

【 地 久 天 长 】

As long and enduring as heaven and earth; everlasting

rén zhì yì jìn

【 仁 至 义 尽 】

To treat sb. with the utmost decency and kindness; to do everything possible to help

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I love this story
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