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Wolf Parents: Beat children with love

Let\'s distinguish corporal punishment and real abuse, abuse is when a father take out his stress or his hate on his child, and the child becomes confuse and lost because he do not understand why he was being beaten near death for, that is extremely bad of their psyche but if you ask me if i would use a cane on my child, i say yes, but only for positive reinforcement, i will always let him know the reason he\'s being punished and it\'s not because there\'s something wrong with him, but there is something wrong with what he is doing. I agree with the concept of corporal punishment, but it have to be done with love, you have to beat your son with love, not with hate or anger.

MisterPanda Post time 2011-12-3 23:08:43

Have you been beaten as a kid ?

lotusfly7 Post time 2011-12-6 21:17:47

One sunny summer afternoon when I was seventeen years old my father approached me with the full intent to beat me once again. All because I disturbed his reading when I said, 'Hi Dad.' Well I had grown up somewhat by then and that was the day I put a stop to my father's beating me and my siblings.

I finally got to really know him after that. Children can be raised without physically beating them in my opinion, but it remains on the table as a last resort. And I mean distant.

Also in my opinion this wolf dad takes the route he does because he is not smart enough to handle his children with logic. His children out wit him so he turns to what amounts to bulling. I put a stop to my bully.

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One sunny summer afternoon when I was seventeen years old my father approached me with the full inte ...

What did you do to make a stop?

lotusfly7 Post time 2011-12-6 22:17:36

I left him laying on the floor with three broken ribs. He never laid another hand, in anger on me, my mother or any of my siblings again after that. The many, many years of beatings had finally come to an end. And I never laid another hand, in anger on my father again.

Physical abuse or beating is a last result. And adults who are so much larger than small children that do this are, well lets just say it is not necessary in my opinion.

lotusfly7 Post time 2011-12-7 09:58:36

I might add, it gave me no pleasure, but needed doing. I care for my father deeply, then as now.

People, be gentle with the little children. After all, they are little children.

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I think you have made a very cogent differentiation. I fully agree with you.

The reason why corpor ...

corporeal punishment is not outdated nowadays I think, but when and how to practice this punishment is very crucial. As some parents around me think the children should be educated strictly sometimes with violence. But they just ignore the standards they take on the children when the standards come to them. Children would not think they got punishment due to the wrong behaviors but the evil parents' thus they would not take it as a punishment but a hatred between them and their parents and others in the society.
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