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'Destructive' games in US produce 'instability'

Tue Sep 27, 2011 6:42PM GMT


Larry Birns, director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs at Counter Punch has criticized American politicians for playing “destructive” games having caused economic “instability” in both the U.S. and Europe.

Earlier, U.S. President Barack Obama said the European debt crisis was “scaring the world.” In response, Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schauble said the problems of Europe are not the reason for the problems of the U.S. “even if Obama is thinking the opposite.”

Birns says a major cause of the European crisis could be found in Washington. He told Press TV's U.S. Desk on Tuesday that “the divisive and destructive political games being played between the Republicans and the Democrats in the U.S. surely is one of the major producers of the instability that poses such a danger to Western economy.”

Everynowhere Post time 2011-9-28 06:18:10

Europe is responsible for Europe. The US for the US.

Of course, politicians always like to blame the other side in order to get elected again. But this won't save them.

In Europe, the solution is easy: set up a European Treasury.
The implications, however, are rather distressing for those EU-politicians. If Europeans are restricted by a super national treasury, they'll also want to be able to influence that very institution - and that's only possible if the EU-politicians give more power to the people.
So until they do so, Europe will be facin a crisis.

In the US, the solution would be similiarly easy.
The government expenditures would have to be reduced tremendously, in order to balance the nation's budget. But if Obama would do so now, the economy would take a quick slump before emerging again with much more power than before the crisis. But this slump would be too inconvenient, so shortly before elctions...

Even the current inflation troubles in China could be solved easily, if the Chinese government would let the Yuan float freely or at least put interest rates up and allow for a short recession, after which Chinese economy would be stable again. But Beijing fears that this would threaten the stability, so they rather blame it on the West than solving the problem.

Economic theory is easy - but politicians often pursue their very own interests. However, people always get the politicians they deserve - and perhaps, we don't deserve any better. At least not in the west, where we can choos our leaders ourselves and chose the wrong guys.

DSseeing Post time 2011-9-28 10:45:43

Obama is at the end of his rope now ?

Mishao Post time 2017-8-24 01:19:27

He is right caliing them 'games,' but the game players think it is real.
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