gindean Post time 2010-1-5 14:58:15

Fun girls in Yiwu

Looking for some girls in Yiwu who like having fun, drinking, KTV and things like this. I would like to meet you soon.

mafiosso Post time 2012-4-16 00:33:56

sorry alone this night do u wanna stay with me"?

caringhk Post time 2012-4-16 01:08:10

are u hot???:lol

mafiosso Post time 2012-4-16 01:27:49

not hot just want to get a rubb

oprahcheng Post time 2012-4-23 16:07:13

why nobody else go on ?

painting189 Post time 2012-4-23 17:21:33

What is that meaning?

snappysammy Post time 2012-4-24 00:10:54

Having FUN in China with a Girl...Means Having Sex...:kiss:
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