cyberspook Post time 2007-4-23 06:45:54

they like your ankles don't they ? it's funny as it's only the female mosquito that bites you :)

sinfulangel Post time 2007-4-23 06:52:37

nope...male mozzies......all the mozzies that bite ppl are males...not females....i think..

cyberspook Post time 2007-4-23 06:57:07

I know that the one that makes a noise is not the one that bites , and the one that bites is pregnant or something like that :) well anyway if I were a mozzie I would bite you :) but I would not waste my time on your ankles :)

sinfulangel Post time 2007-4-23 07:05:18

so...where will u take ur bite??????.....not my heart....

cyberspook Post time 2007-4-23 07:08:15

:)  no I would start lower and work my way up :)

daotan Post time 2007-4-23 07:10:22

lol, sucks for you =D
there are no mosquitoes here =D

cyberspook Post time 2007-4-23 07:19:32

no mozzies in Tasmania DT :) too bloody cold for them :)
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