sealverlike Post time 2007-4-22 20:07:45

Mosquitos are coming.....

My friend said when she was using the electric skeeter beat, it was just like playing firework.....:lol::lol:lol:L:L

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r_salahuddin Post time 2007-4-23 00:11:25

i hate mosquito

sinfulangel Post time 2007-4-23 05:23:22

i am allergic to mozzies.......and it sucks.....

cyberspook Post time 2007-4-23 06:10:43

s/a is a professional mosquito bait , if there is a mozzie within 100 meters it will find her :) invite s/a to your party and no one else will be bitten :)

sinfulangel Post time 2007-4-23 06:12:19

spooky...thats not nice...

Im allergic to mozzies...if I got biten.....i have to take anti allergy pills...and be sent to the hospital .. if it gets worse....:L

cyberspook Post time 2007-4-23 06:30:17

I know a girl that use to puff up when bitten by mozzies , but she had a good sense of humour as she was always trying to get them to bite her on the boobs :)

sinfulangel Post time 2007-4-23 06:33:54

my god....i hate mozzies with passion...i dont know why they live in this world...

they like biting me on legs..which can cause big problems for me....
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